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01-22-2013, 02:11 PM
This Is My First Guide , and even my first post please be nice :(
This guide will introduce a detailed vixen ranger guide .
Be nice and I hope you get helped out of this :)

Table Of Contents :

I . Introduction To Game.

II . Skills.

III . Skill/Stat build.

I . Introduction To Game :

First day , first you have to choose a character in this case i chose The Vixen Ranger as i was a rogue in Arcane Legends and the Vixen Ranger seemed the one to choose .
After This I had to choose my name and looks.I put little to no thought in this , my name Went as : "Furoflegend" , of course you will choose your own name. My face was the fox one , orange and white and the black shirt , this is your choice and not mine to choose.

First , either disable auto leveling in the avatar menu by pressing "C" and choosing the disable auto leveling , or just kill the zombies.In this case i disabled it as i want to choose my own stats.When you level up you should update your stats , i chose to choose all dex as this is the main stat of the fox , and it will increase you DPS your Crit , your Hit ... For the Skills I had to choose the first skill was :

II . Skills :

Rabid Bite : 23282

This Skill seemed nice at it will lead you towards the enemy directly and deal damage. Can be used to rush around the map in haste if you have no target

The second skill :

Vixen Kick : 23280

This skill is almost the same as the other with slightly more damage , a knock back and 1sec less cooldown but with 8 more mana , this skill is slightly better than Rabid Bite . Can be used to rush around the map in haste if you have no target.

The third skill :

Poison Needles : 23281

This skill is AWESOME , best skill till now , highest damage , mana in between , double the cooldown but still much better , knock back , 3sec poison. Poison effect : -5h/p pers. -65% speed. This skill is best when taking down a lot of mobs .

The forth skill :

Evasion : 23289

This is a very good skill , your first buff till now , 5s cooldown , 3s duration , so basically you get 2s without it , always have this on if your taking damage , or if you are rooted by a bird or frozen or anything...

This Guide is in progress please dont flame , comment on the current information.

Skill/Stat points spending :

Stats : Pure Dex

Skill :
2.rabid bite.
3.vixen kick.
4.poison needles.
5.poison needles
7.poison needles

01-30-2013, 04:47 PM
This is what I call a good Guid. I'm not exactly sure what a Guid is, but this is a darn good one.

This is a great Guide, so far though. Good job!

04-27-2013, 07:54 PM
Good start to the guide. Keep working on it!