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01-28-2013, 01:00 PM
Type: <Guild Gone Wild> is a new casual Guild with future plans of Elite Dungon Runs/Hauntlet run events, and whatever else may come out in future expansions. In general, I'd just like to have fun doing events and become stronger as a team.

NOTE: Officer positions are still available, and I won't hesitate promote those who impress me with leadership abilities and friendliness!

Be kind and courteous, and have a general competency of team based MMORPG gaming, or at least be willing to learn. =)
Be a regular player (hopefully log in ~5x weekly)
Be level 10+
Speak English

Guild Rules:
Be respectful... Yada Yada Yada you know the drill.. The real life 10 commandments apply here! :P
Don't ask for money/gear from any other guild member. (That gets annoying >_<)
Always be willing to listen to me or any officer who may be speaking at the time. (keep an eye on the chat during events)
When you log in, say hello! And when someone says hello, try to greet them back at your next available moment!
Be willing to set aside time for events, and try not to leave an event unless it's just inevitable. (I understand, RL comes first afterall!)
Above anything else, goof off, have fun, and enjoy the time spent playing the game with your guildies!

About Me:
I am a long time MMORPG player who has led several guilds in games such as WoW, Rift, Tera, Aion, FFXI, FFXIV, etc.. too many to list. I'm definitely not a strict guy, though I do expect general competency from guildmates. I really enjoy having fun within a team based structure, and this game handles looting for us, so no need to organize how to handle that. I'd really like to see the guild I've created become a long-lasting and enjoyable one. I really believe that any game is much more fun when shared with people you really like talking to or being around (especially when they do their part on the battlefield too :P)

For more information or to get an invite to the guild, please seek out Sephirroth or Kagurra in game, or post to this thread and I'll personally come to you! Thanks for taking the time to read this, and hope to see you soon!

01-29-2013, 06:55 PM
Have level 21 warrior and lvl 16 rogue, play most days and current guilds are just no fun, no elite boss running etc
No chat
Don't think half of them speak English tbh, happy to accept an invite or meet ingame,
Ign - sweatyone (war 21)
Ign - knitynnej (rogue 16)
Look forward to your reply