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02-01-2013, 11:25 PM
The Alliance

The creatures of Arlor roam the dark night, in search of potential prey.

“Eat, or be eaten” was all they've ever known.

But amongst these poor creatures there exists a race hardly spoken of. They stand much taller than even the tallest warrior, much wider than the fattest bard, weighing more than Lord Madrom and Jarl Brakenridge combined. These huge living creatures loom Arlor, yet their presence warrants no attention from the humble folk.

Then, there is the other race of monsters, their fur masking their terrifying, lean bodies. Their noses twitch in the anticipation of prey. These monsters roam the lands, day and night, their magnificent tails represent the deadliness of their kin. Yet, like the huge creatures before them, they remain unnoticed by the folk of Arlor. These creatures are not content to simply lie in waiting, allowing their vicious power to go unknown. Nay, they plot and wait for the time when they can rise again and conquer these miserable lands.

Alas for the Arlorians! These races have, on mere chance stumbled upon each other. The importance of cooperation between these two races strike deep into the hearts of their bare-hearted leaders. Even now as i write this unfortunate yet true account of what is to happen, my brain is pounding imaginary illusions of the footsteps of these creatures as they run in pursuit of my scent. I have wandered too far, too deep into these lands unknown. Too much have i gleaned from my foolish eavesdropping and observations. Too often have i failed to erase the tracks that reveal my presence. I regret.

It is too late for the Arlorians and any other beings of other worlds. Wherever these creatures exist, there they will vow to bring destruction unto the lands.

Thus ends my sorrowful account of The Alliance between the squirrels and the trees.

-Signed, Romus, the dead bard.


*Lol sorry i was too bored. Ignore this thread. I can't seem to find a way to delete it. :)

02-04-2013, 07:49 PM
Bravo!! I liked it I don't care. Two of my favorite things: free stuff (oxygen) and cute wittle creatures!!!