View Full Version : share ur best gear (lvl21) :)

02-13-2013, 11:45 PM
Just wanna know, as a rouge lvl 21 what was your best gear?
I'm looking for your opinion/suggestion about the best gear combination from you all :tan:
So if you don't mind share yours. here's is mine:
sword : agile lifethief force (21)
helm : heroic watch hat of stability (21)
armor : heroic watch vest of stability (21)
ring : watchman's Ring of Warfare (21)
amulet : mystic chain warfare (21)
i know mine are far from the best, but this gear are quite economic on the budget..

And i have a question about armor: heroic watch vest of stability (21) vs demonlord leather of stability (21).
as i far as i know both have same spec: 10 strenght, 26 dex, 2.02% dodge, and 402 armor; but why one and another have significant price differentiation?
Because right now the demon cost over 50k gold and heroic less than 10k, am i miss something, i just dont get it..

looking forward for your opinion or comment guys. thanks before :tranquillity::tan:

02-14-2013, 06:08 AM
Level cap increase is coming soon. Maybe wait till that happens. :P