View Full Version : Hmm.. Easy yet complicated way to cancel rogue 1 hit KO.. Right... --" (Brobearz)

02-14-2013, 12:37 PM
Now.. Most sorc hate rogue i assume
But for me.. I love fighting them Lol (low health *.*)
You know how they use arrow then use their fast strike thinggy.. Annoying --"

Well to make it simple
Rogue : high crit
Fast cooldown on arrow

How to cancel and beat rogue instant 1 by 1 complicated understanding yet easy way (well.. My way):

1. Charged gun and hit them before they use their bow (if the bow hit you probably that happens is ur health low/die and they got stun/not (well mostly got stun)).. So try to release it from far distance but accaptable
(yup.. Bad english --")

2. Next thing is to use your damage skill and shotting gun when they got stun (dont charge att/skill and do it fast)

3. When the time they wake up use stun skill and do the 2nd step and they dead (if they dont increase their str high)

Phew.. That mouthfull --"
Well feel free to try.. Lalala~

NOTE : perfect charged gun timming could cancel rogue fast strike thinggy
(rogue fast strike thinggy hit 3 times at once)

TIPS : dont scared ur gonna get killed as long as u try that counts.. Its just a game after all _3_