View Full Version : i wan to be more pro assasin but how?see my step..any 1 help?

Alex Ichy
03-04-2013, 01:11 AM
hi there,i from malaysia,i been paid to this games rm3xx,but one thing is my char still noob at pvp,i am assasin,
this is my step
str 59
health 1795
dex 313
bonus dmg 256%
dodge 24.48%
cri 22.91%
damage 164.6

int 47
mana 595
dps 296.2
armor 752
so what i should care?i m full dex assasin,what weapon i should buy?
help me pls

03-04-2013, 01:21 AM
Hi Alex,

You must mean Rogue right?

Anyway, what equips do you currently have?
If you want high damage get the Agile Lifethief of Potency lvl 25. These costs more than 2m right now. If you want you could opt for the lvl 21 kind which are around 100k. They still hit harder than Depraved blades of brutality lvl 26 despite the latter having a higher dps count. This is because of the spike dmge the agile lifethief of potency gives (thanks to Noobiam and various rogues in the game).

For armor and helm, I know a few cheap but good ones!
Shipmaster's armor set for dodge and red beards armor set for crit! :)

Go get yourself a Power Ring of Brutality lvl 21( price is below 10k) and a Miraculous Bauble of Brutality lvl 21 (price below 15k).

As for pets, Horton the most affordable pet! Granite and Malison as well. Blight and esteban are good too IMO. McCraw is the best for me but also the most expensive.

Goodluck! :)

Note: I think you have pretty decent stats already. What are your current skills?

Alex Ichy
03-04-2013, 02:01 AM
shadow piercer max,razor shield max.aimed shot max, passives critacal shot max, damage only lvl 1

Alex Ichy
03-04-2013, 02:11 AM
my weapon agile heartseekers of tactics lvl 25 105.4 dps
helmet agile ranger cloak of will
armor slick skinned vest of force
ring power ring of brutality
amulet divine brooch of bruatality

03-04-2013, 02:12 AM
I do not suggest maxing out Shadow piercer. Since it hits 2 targets, 3 if upgraded. I dont want that. I think you should kill off your opponents one by one hehehe. You may want to add Combat Medic. This way you'ld get to heal whenever someone hurts you. When you feel like you're gonna die, run run run and heal LOL (Note: this will only work if you have a teammate with you haha).
If you dont want Combat, then Shadow Veil. Get the damage increase and the duration (there is duration right?). Otherwise max your damage.

For your reference, my skill build is:

Maxxed aimed shotMaxxed
Maxxed razor shield
Maxxed critical passive
Maxxed dex passive
lvl 3 damage passive
lvl 1 shadow piercer
lvl 1 combat medic

Btw, max dex passive also. +25 dex is very important.


Hmm I think you should change your helm to agile ranger cloak of stability. :)
Also consider the armor sets I suggested.
Your weapon, change that to level 21 (or 25 if you can afford it) agile lifethief of potency. If Agile Lifethiefs price is OP again, get depraved blades of brutality lvl 26. :)

I'm not sure what divine brooch of brutality does, but im guessing it adds dex, int and damage? As opposed to dex, strength and damage from the miraculous bauble of brutality.