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03-25-2013, 01:52 AM
Hey all, so I'm a very avid Spacetime studios fan, and with recent develpments I begin to question my loyalty to the brand... However, I still love this game and I want to see if we can somehow tie in all aspects of the best of the best into this game... here goes


**I love the party aspect , its cool you can create a party based on only your friends... However I miss being able to create yoru own room with a password.. THis made it easier to have guild runs. I could simply post "running haultlet, on me , pass is V" and everybody would be on it in a sec... now we have to send invites, make sure they accept it, than ill be in the same room all at the same time.. It was quicker and easier to farm levels with that create aspect, I want this back.

**I completely dislike the content.. This needs to be changed... we just had an expansion not too long ago for dead city, now the very next expansion I can no longer get XP for dead city.. SO pretty much Im stuck with kraken or tombs for PVE.. content gets very boring with that..playing same levels over and over again.. I suggest doing a system like in tombs, the enemies get harder depending on your level, but do this for all levels..so we can play all levels and get something out of it.. TO make this more interesting, make new drops for all maps.. Maybe the best weapon for a warrior is now found in the aquaducts elite.. or the best non elite pinks are in ydra forest..(you get drops based on your level)., or maybe its a boss in tombs 1 (who everybody skips) etc.. this would do several things... make gameplay more playable, not so boring. It would increase amount of items and diversity of items...maybe theres a sick looking new lvl 31 item in dead city second map, etc on next expansion etc.. this will in turn help the auction house from being riddled with the same exact items over and over again...

***with PVE, how about introducing platinum levels?? It was highly successful in pocket legends, with sandstone cave for example. The items would be more valuable and harder to obtain... I also miss the bosses like in sandstorm.. they took strategy, they were awesome, not just mashing buttons..Id like to see arcane and mythic items drop on bosses too (rare of course) but that would be a fun new added demension that is lacking in arcane legends... now you get a golden chest... which might be full of epics... yay... not.. as far as items, make epics do something... mayeb the best dps weapon is an awesome epic, but you have to sacrafive, dodge, or crit, or health etc... I always liked this idea too (you buy a weapon, it can increase in abilities but there is a cap to it.. maybe one that starts out high doesnt end up high etc, think madden here lol, so you kind of gamble on yoru weapon hoping its good..far fetched but interesting none the less)

***quests, can we make these a little bit harder... in PL, i had to kill 1000 soldiers, thats what im talking about.. IN the oasis, there was a very long quest (forgot name for it ) VERY long quest to obtain a helm, sword, and armor.. introudce that.... and you can do it this way... each class has 3 choices for a quest to obtain a rare set... this might take you through all levels, you might have to kill a boss 40-50 times (this would require a boss to drop something like they used to) youll have to get various tasks and lets say this might take you 2-4 weeks to obtian this set... however (the other two sets that you didnt choose are still out there and you can choose to do the long quests all over again, but all sets are end game gear) this way people are using different sets, have different end game gear on with different attributes, some player smight be fine iwith the set they get...I like the banner ideas for top players, but can we get something else for capping..star legends was awesome how we had to get a helm, or body armor etc.. HOWEVER, with that said, can we make capping harder?? IN PL, or SL, we had to cap within the levels... there were no tombs where we can power level at... id say make the tombs so hard at level cap that you have to be capped to be able to get into them(still keep it easier for lower levels..) but 26+ it gets super hard..I reemmebr the lvel 31 sloucho cap in star legends took months... that thing was epic.. but there has to be somethign we get for doing it, not just some cool little banner everybody gets... cause you can level in one day easy..

***can we have the option to put more skills on our screen, 4-6 for example as our levels increase... we dont hasve to have 6, but it would be nice to have the option at least...that way as a warrior i can actually use the defenseive skills you guys created that are worthless right now..also keep elite hard, i hate that you nerfed it for the "average" player cause they couldnt hack it.. it should take an hour like it did at first... (make it to where you have to kill ALL people to finish levels so there are no short cuts) this achievement should mean something.. (need achivements for the kraken island pets and glacian to be added)

PVP ---
More arenas to choose from... I noticed today, without pets, 1 vs 1 seemed pretty balanced... i had some good matches with a top rouge from deviant misfits... once we put the pet on it was over with they oblierated me..(i did win 2/6) so with that a room with pets that they are requeired (feeding is not required) and one without pets... going back to my pve suggestion, can we please have n option to host and invite players... it really sucks when you are playing 1vs 1, and someone joins you tell them not to flag they do and everybody is pissed cause of that one dumb idiot.. sometimes i just want to fight with one person, i cant really do that right now..
make it more balanced, warriors vs warrios still suck cause our damage is terrible!!! and warrios strength is being by themselves, and that is all but lost now.. (unles syou spec for full damage, than youll never kill anybody)mages need better heal, rouges need a less better heal.. mages need some type of speed or teleport or skill cause they cant outrun anybody...

LBS--i like leaderboards, but can we add a new demension... guild stats first off, wins/losses for individiuals in PVP...and can you put the persons level and guild next to their name?? would be cool to see where some of these are from...


please please please,,, quit making the same boring weapons.. tide of potency has awesome proc, terrible stats.. quit nerfing them after you release them... people spend real money on items than you make them worse.. Its like me purchasing a ferrari... than i get home and the dealer changed it to a honda.. thats not okay.. (if you take the suggestion from earlier on weapons around the world in different areas, you can have an aweosmne selection) ***a new boss has sprouted up around the world...find which level he randomly appears in*** etc.. Platinum weapons are now the worst weapons out there... by far.. why is this?? its never been that way... I loved star legends, that i can buy an AOE gun or two hand guns, or a big rifle pistal, or a big *** shotgun type gun.. and they all had different strengths and weakness, but were all end game weapons... maybe one i have to hold with two hands, no shield.. (just create different animatiaons) have more cross fuctional weapons.. like a weapon ALL classes can use.. also can we give biggere differences for duel specing.. there is still NO advanatge whatsoever to put anythign in dex for warrior (except passive skills) IN pl, i could get my bear to have a higher dps than a bird if i wanted (i sacraficed health) like if a rougge puts 100% into strength,they now have like 4000 health, but does little damage like a warrior does.. put this across the board though..this would make it very interesting on how you spec....

rewards -- the little vip chest, as a nice gesture, was a bit of a joke to most.. A lot of players like me have given this game over 2.5k in REAL money.. think about that sts... $2,500 (not $25) Players like me should get something extra.. new arcane weapon, pet, exclusive items on updates etc... rewards the top 1% of buyers.those that will continue to fund yoru paychecks, and help being able to make expansions and make sts better..no reason ive spent over 40000 platinum and cant get a hammerjaw or glaciar. that will push others to spend more on yoru game if they see us with excslusive items you cant find in the world!!give a rewards for top 5 to cap... top 5 time played for the month, etc... theres so many incentative you can do.. also can we have some real vanity drops?? and can we make vanities sellable and tradable,... my santa outfit guaranteed would sell for 20 million...make platinum worth somethign again, a 1000 platinum weapon... a 1500 platinum pet...a 1000 story token weapon or pet (story token for rare weapons :))

lastly is classes and looks...can we get more diversity... differnt body colors for all classes, different genders (i want a big *** viking woman haha) and update the faces for more variety to choose from....like different color mages, i want a damn red mage..

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working on a response lol gonna be a while...

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Ok look forward to it