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03-27-2013, 08:39 AM
Good morning everyone. I am called "Dekester" and I am totally new to gaming. I came across AL about two months ago, and now I am addicted!!! I have many questions and I don't really know where is the right place to start, so I figured that here, in the rogue forum, would be a good place.

I am playing a rogue I have named "Dinella". That seemed to me to be a cool name for a roguish, female fantasy hero. I am currently a lvl 20 which I figure is earned by the amount of kills. I would like to fix "Dinella" up with the best free equipment (weapons, helmet, armor etc.) there is to make her a lean, mean, fighting machine. But, I don't know how. Will you kind folks help me?

There is so much gear (weapons, helmets, etc) to choose from and I don't know which ones, in the right combinations, to use in order to make her "top of the line" for her current lvl and future ones. Every time I open chests I receive amulets, rings, armor and stuff that I know nothing about. I am currently using a "green beats red" theory when I keep or sell gear. The green numbers in the stats being good assets for "Dinella" to have and the red numbers being not helpful to her at this lvl. This is where I get confused because the greens and reds always seem to contradict each other each time I try to decide which piece of gear to equip her with. I feel sorry for the poor girl, she always seems to be outmatched by fellow rogues who fly through the battles with flaming swords and a seemingly endless supply of manna. I would sure like to give her a chance.

Is there a general rule of thumb for determining the right stuff to arm her with as we progress through the levels? I guess that is my question, and I hope that I have explained myself well enough for you wise and experienced veterans of AL to be able to point me in the right direction so I can make my and "Dinella's" time with AL a fun and enjoyable adventure.

As I am new to gaming, I am not familiar with "game terminology" (nerf and buff for example) could you make your answers as easy for me to follow as possible? So far I have been entirely PvE. I had absolutely no idea what to do in PvP so I will wait to attack that as I get more experience, and more comfortable with AL.

Thanks in advance for any help you might provide.

Dekester and "Dinella"

03-27-2013, 09:12 AM
You should focus on getting her dex, damage and dps up. Rogues rely on fast kills being that they are a bit squishy. For the easiest build i suggest that you should go full dex and full dex passives. For pve most use aimed shot, shadow veil, razor shield and the fourth could be trap or nox bolt for skills. Read on some old posts in this section so you can learn more on how to build up "Dinella". :)

03-27-2013, 09:21 AM
Hey there!

Welcome to the thread and let me congratulate you for choosing a very unique name fitted for a one of a kind class, the rogue.
Ideally when picking for the best gear, you have three choices: To go for the str type (more hp and armor) the mana type (mana with little hp and higher on skill damage and dps and the dex type(adds to your overall dps and skill damage) The choice would now rely on you if you go for survivability over a faster killing rate.

For armor:

Str type of gears would usually be indicated with the suffix: "of brutality, of force"
Int gears on the other hand would be determined by: "of grace"
Dex gears: "of tactics, of will"

At your level, I suggest getting the Villainous Set for your armor and depraved blades of potency or brutality if you got good gold to spare. You can also look for agile lifethief of potency as this would be decent enough to bring you to lvl 25. Upon reaching level 25 upgrade your gear to the Shipmaster set and depraved blades for your weapon.

Investing on pets would be vital, invest on these following pets: Malison, Wrathjaw, Granite, Kettle, Horton and Mccraw. If youre tight on cash however, go with horton for a while and then farm for the others. Choosing the right pet is necessary to complement your gears. Different pets would offer the stats you want, Str, Int and dex.. up to you to choose from!

As for your last question, buff would mean to reinforce or to aid - "Hey buff me up with your pet's arcane ability", "Buff me a shield up!". Nerf - to weaken or alter something, "Nerf that friggin monster please!"

04-04-2013, 01:45 AM

I had nearly the same experience when I started playing AL! (Feb 14, 2013 - forever alone </3) jk :))

What I did was I bought gear for every previous level cap! When I reached lvl 16, I bought cheap level 16 legendary gear. I remember getting the warden set before Both with major dex and minor strength(for more hp). I only changed gear when I reached 21! I got a hades set, then quickly changed to Villainous set after a day or two(it was expensive at that time lol. It's actually pretty good though as it gives decent stat boosts and good crit.). As for the weapon I used frostbite of brutality, It was the cheapest but not pretty bad if you ask me. Afterall it's just temporary. I didnt want to waste money on temporary gear anyway (I suggest you do the same if you are not a money spender). Same when I reached lvl 25. This time I bought a deep sea dex/int set. (So that I would survive longer in Elite maps (still died alot tho. lol)).
Anyway to summarize:

lvl 21:
Armor set: Villainous armor and helm
Weapon: Depraved blades of Potency/Agile Lifethiefs of Potency/Agile Heartseekers of Brutality. (the first one being the best choice).

level 25:
Armor set: Deep Sea or any budget dex gears. If you aren't short on gold then go buy Red Beard's cap of security(dex, str, and higher armor) and Red Beard's vest of savvy(dex, int).
Weapon: level 25 Depraved blades of Potency/Agile Lifethiefs of Potency/Agile Heartseekers of Brutality. (the first one being the best choice).

level 26:
Armor set: Get the level 26 version of the Red Beard's set. They are only under 2k each, I have spares if you want. :D
Now if you amassed a large amount of gold (and luck lol), Then seek out for Sealord mesh of will and sealord cuirass of will (NOTE DEX VERSIONS, Dont buy the str versions. There are two types and they both have the same names).
Weapon: Depraved Blades of Potency/Slicing Flintlocks of Brutality and Shipmaster's bow of tactics. (again, I have a spare if you want. xD)

Also for your accessories, try to get a hold of one of each:


Power ring of brutality (slightly expensive - depends on the lvl)
Ensorcelled ring of Potency (expensive)


Miraculous Bauble of brutality (slightly expensive - depends on the lvl)
Swirling Amulet of Potency (expensive)

For pets: As Ms. Limsyoker said, get Horton (I think I also have a spare LOL) as your starter. Then save up or hunt for Granite. Then Wrathjaw, and then Malison. There are a lot of other useful pets too but I'm sure you will find that out along the way. I just listed the commonly used ones. :)

Anyway Lim already answered most of your questions (I ran out of thanks Lim, very nice post), I just wanted to share my experience and let you know what I did. :D

If you need any help leveling up, pm me! Ill help you if I'm free. :D

Goodluck and have a nice day!