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03-30-2013, 03:12 AM
Good morning everyone. I have really 3 questions this morning. I think that they will be easy ones.

1. My rogue, "Dinella" went to lvl 21 yesterday and I used the skill points that go with "leveling up".
Are there any other ways to earn skill points, or do I have to wait for "level up" every time?

2. I think that I have read that there are different pets for different scenarios. "Dinella's" current pet is
"Dauphin" and I think that thus far, she has been very satisfied with him. But now she is taking on
"The Dead City Outskirts" and I wonder if there is another pet she can use which is more suitable to the
situations she will find herself in now. Should I stick with "Dauphin" or trade him in for:
"Shadow, Jahooty, Barney, Deary, Horton, Aspen, Chase, Flounder, or Bismark" ????

3. In another day I will have accumulated 40 story tokens and I am thinking of buying the "Spinners of Lethality"
with those tokens. Are they worth it? I currently have 15k gold, and no platinum.

I received helpful and informative answers to my last question, and I appreciate the help. I'm a new guy to
this and I need all the help I can get!!! LOL

Dekester and Dinella

03-30-2013, 03:42 AM
Hellurr thurr! Im Pebbles but in games Im known as Thren, nice to meet ya!

For your level 21 Rogue you'd probably want to go for a Ribbit since its close to your budget atm. Ribbit's Arcane gives a high amount of critical hits for a short period of time, when used at the proper moments it is very helpful. Plus his Happiness Bonus gives you +25 STR & I believe some hp regen. Farm your heart out on the Yrda Outskirts map called Rook's Hideout. The boss there drops Ribbit eggs. Then save up for a Malison (which btw drops at the Elite Rook's Nest map), it is worth a lot of gold but it is the best farmable pet that gives the best overall stats. Plus it gives a dodge bonus as an Arcane Ability.

Some other good pets for Rogue are; Horton, Kettle, Wrathmaw, and probably Meep Mop.

Your best bet is to farm when you have luck reroll elixirs via Shazbot or Klaas (the NpCs at Windmore & Traveler's Outpost).

As for lvl21 gear I suggest Agile Leather (they have the same stats as Demonlord gear), Ensorcelled Band of Assault (or Potency), and Miraculous Bauble. Great overall stats for your Rogue at lvl21. Weapon wise, if you have a crit rogue, go with Ribbit + Watch Bow of Tactics or any bow with good dmg & crit. If you have a dps rogue, go with either Heartseekers of Assault (Brutality.. Whatevs lol) or that one weapon thats better than Agile Lifethiefs of Potency (since the ALPs got nerfed). Forgot the name. X.x Ik its not Bane Knives of Potency.. The other ones.. Ugh! If I remember I will let you know lol.

03-30-2013, 04:41 AM
1. yes, leveling is the only way to get skill points.

2. @thren

3. looted epic items are by far better than token gears. i would suggest saving those token to buy colton or meep. they sell for a decent gold.
check auction.

03-30-2013, 12:46 PM
I think the "right pet" all depends on the map, your build and your play style.