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Warrior Wu
04-06-2013, 08:00 PM
Hear is a parody I made about a rap song. It is this the verse of it not the chorus. Plz enjoy.

Warrior Wu:
Trippy Warriors and a few Rogues,
One night two farms,
That's two matches and a party expansion,
Thumbing through skills got you sweating and panting,
When you get gold rogues come around,
Warriors start hating whose holding you down,
All this gold just, playing the game,
Rogues want me, while warriors staying lame,
Warriors scamming i don't give af,
How I start my morning off a jog and some health potions,
Hating Warriors y'all behind me,
Farm so hard they wanna find me,
Warrior Wu, Mythic Gang,
I've been rich since the beta days.