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04-24-2013, 07:45 PM
our story

04-24-2013, 07:48 PM
Short story O.o

04-24-2013, 08:13 PM
there was a darkness that fell across the land. the world was in chaos ash that blocked the sky wirlwinds that raged across the earth and deadly trap scatered all across the ground. the world was divided into 3 parts: rouge, soccerer, and warrior. there was no room for trators, a fourth race, or any alliances. but all tht is about to change.

the ministry of chaos... a secret organizian. all that held them together is one common goal. stop the war. it was chaos trying to oganize this but some how they managed to do it that is a mystery every night at midnight they would hold a meeting in trators crevice just like their ancestors did 1000 years ago when the world has in chaos the same as it was then. as their party grew and grew the threat to being exposed as a trator grew.

atop a tower the young heros watched the lightning trials a day during summer where everyone gathered in peace to hold the games. there were six disks; one for each of the game: fighting team of two, fighting team of one, weapon building and armor building where the blacksmith compete to impress the judges with their newest armor or weapon, bow and arrow acurisy, and 5000 meter dash the first person to cross the finish line and not get hit by an enemy. but something was wrong the disks where missing and the original three heros fought everyone to make them stop fighting and make everyone realize what they were doing. in the end they died but their goal was achived and everyone was allies again.

as the ministry of chaos grow we mold our destiny together

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is this better and sorry it was myfirst time writing a bew post so i didnt quite understand it

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and sorry about my spelling its very hard to type laye at night. (the time that this says is about two hours late

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You can change the time, somewhere in settings. nice story though :)