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Several years ago, not greater group of nomads have chosen the grounds, and not greater islands on which they have constructed some cities and have named grounds Arlor. They liked these grounds, that they have decided to remain to live in these seats! Here there was everything, woods, lakes, mountains and even fields on which all grew abruptly. Unique concern became that from the sea and from woods different monsters ran out. Thirst of famine forced them to destroy and break everything what to regale on fresh meat. But let the group was completely not big, but it possessed over powerful magic capacities. Having scattered the next hungry destroyers, the group has thought up to protect the cities magic area of protection. Long before this instant, whence there have arrived nomads there was a big city of Garmonium. There all was quiet and well. People were trained in magic and different craft. But there was a trouble. Malicious in improbable quantity has flown on that city, and completely it has destroyed. Some soldiers have survived. These are those it was entrusted to them to hide women, children and those who could not sympathize in battle for the city. When this group hid in mountain caves of women and children, in city there was a full chaos. Fire and a cold, the Wind and lightnings destroyed that city and all those who protected it. And when brave soldiers send from a cave in mountains what to stand up for the house, they have seen all this chaos, and all that at them was, has been destroyed. Many brave soldiers have been broken off on pieces. It is a lot of the blood, burning houses and the broken architectural constructions. All has been destroyed. Since then this group has promised to residents rescueed in mountains, that they will find the new grounds and will erect there city. Having remained to live in burnt ruins of the city, they waited for return of the defenders. They extracted meal hardly, and the pain did not leave their heart. Passed days, month and years before the huge ship has not seemed on horizon of the deep dark blue sea. Peace residents have hidden in shambles pending. At everyone men and the majority of women were spears and make-it-yourself swords in hands. The need has learned them to hunt and protect the family from furious predators wandered in those ruins. And when the ship has swum up to city and therefrom send those soldiers that have once rescueed residents, all people with shouts of pleasure and delight have run out to them on a meeting. Those heroes have informed that they could find the good grounds and have erected there cities. And all alive people have plunged into that day on the ship and have sailed in new уготованный for them the house. There was a fall. September almost came to an end, when people banish on coast and islands. 3 cities have been constructed: Windemoor, Travelers Outpost and last, biggest and most powerful city Kraag. In it there lived founders of this ground, and truck farmers began to erect the others, to build to themselves houses and in the end be made multiple copies!!! Those monsters that turned around of cities have been caught and eaten. Has passed time, before monsters began to understand that the person is more artful and at it the same stomach what to digest their meat and even bones (the some people were well very hungry). Those soldiers that have found and have constructed here cities began to refer to as the Supreme Inspectors. They helped with erection of different architectural constructions. Fountains, gardens and ornament of cities. Owing to the general efforts people have made the cities very beautiful and attractive. Supreme were engaged in magic and prospered in the art. Magic bridges and underground passages between cities, all this has appeared by means of magic. Cities from each other were far enough what to get lost and die. Then Supreme have erected a track through woods and vaults that it would be possible to reach and to not get lost. But a guarantee on a security was not. Therefore everyone could protect from wild animals what could. Many perished from wild wolves or tigers.
All living creatures, both wild and house were similar to that, that were on their old native land. Then Supreme have decided to change their physical appearance that would not remind of the past. Having collected everyone on pair, they have taken from everyone DNA and have completely altered everything, that... .там was. Having entered a liquid with changed by DNA back in animals, they have seen as those of steel мutant in other type. Cells of DNA began to duplicate those cells that has been entered into them. With what pets it began possible to look having walked in cities. And as wild animals look remains a riddle. So anybody also did not see them. Pets after a mutation, became more playful and unbelievable hungry. All time wished to eat. And when starved, took offence at the owners and escaped in a wood. By the evening came back full and flopped to sleep!
There was time. People has enough grown in quantity and then Supreme began to organize schools. There were usual schools where trained in grammar, art of hunting, different craft and agriculture. But were as special 3 schools. These schools have been erected 3 Supreme. One of them has been so shipped in magic that gave it all the forces. Therefore it has created school of magic and brought up there from boys of the present magicians and magicians. One more was very big person. Its muscles were as a stone. Its hands were as 2 entombed hammer of warfare which were ready to destroy all around. Therefore it has created school where there were many fitness rooms and a special feed. As at this school were trained in art of a sword, an axe and a board. Different tactics and special impacts what to break the opponent. The third school was is created by another Supreme. The courageous and lovely woman has created school specially for girls. In it it trained young maidens in art of an onions and arrows, and as fights with daggers. At this school of maidens were brought up not only the first class she-robbers who could not only stand up for itself, and rescue a floor of village from dangerous monsters, and as skilful mistresses and wise wives. Certainly there is no that its majesty would not increase in such conditions Angrily. Robbers and robbers began to appear greater groupings. For their evil deed they have been expelled in woods. There they also prospered. Now it became three times as much dangerous to go on woods and vaults. Each student after 5 years study in спец schools, had an opportunity to get the ammunition and to use magic. While there was a training, it was forbidden to them what to protect all from accidents. When the graduate left school, it ran on the special market where could get to itself the Helmet, a bib, an amulet with a ring and certainly the weapon on the choice. Magicians all got special magic staffs which were cultivated in special magic smithies. Soldiers bought sledge hammers and swords, and she-robbers were with daggers and behind a back there was an onions with arrows. Who that created to itself clothes from a skin killed on hunting моbs who that conjured to itself different cloaks with a hood and looked as reduction. Cities expanded and prospered. But that instant when one of the Supreme inspectors has risen has come and has gone against to what aspired other its colleague. It has created dark magic and completely there was her a slave. Advice has decided to expel it from city, that it would be cleaned проч and looked for to itself the new grounds. As a result it has gone deeply in a wood and began to be engaged there in dark magic so, that itself has turned to a huge monster, but nevertheless could think reasonably, but on dark. Then all robbers and the robber with malicious sorcerers and witches have adjoined it and it became their master. Its objective was to grasp cities and to correct above them. But kindly resisted to it and its colleagues. Like the quiet life would turn to the present war. Now everyone watched closely. Even in cities were wandered colleagues of dark lord, the master of dark magic and horror. It collected elites, those who is inclined to a harm and withdrew them in woods what to make the army of terrorists more more powerfully and numerous! In the meantime Supreme collected people and trained them even more qualitatively and more productively. Now graduates Military and schools of She-robbers passed additional rates at school of Magic. Each graduate had certain skills, or capacities to additional magic force. Entombed hammer of warfare, the bewitched arrows and flying daggers became bonuses to their skill. Well and magicians could almost all that occurred. Of fiery explosive spheres up to capacity to cure deep wounds for seconds.
There has come a mellow autumn:)..... And at this time was next final at students of special schools. Magicians, soldiers and she-robbers have gathered in special seat where the feast in honour of new, young defenders of goods was spent. Three cities walked all. Windemoor and Travelers Outpost that is all peace residents gathered together with residents Kraaga, those who has passed when that спец schools and were considered as masters in the business. On this feast young the graduate showed the possibilities sang and danced. In general walked on full. Among them there was modest enough, but at the same time very courageous and very skilful girl the she-robber by name the Isabella. It sat in сторонке and silently observed of all event having a drink from a metal cup strong black rum. It did not consider it necessary to dance and Petyas with the others. It saw weakness and not resoluteness in other graduates. In general was full persistent in the business. Not far from it the young magician by name Аrаsет sat at the table in an environment of tower tractor operators. It was very quiet and very sharp. It observed of the Isabella and did not dare to approach to it what to invite to dance. It observed for it very much for a long time. It saw, that it does not dance and does not rise from the seat. But nevertheless that that not give it to it to rise and easier to approach to it. In an instant of its reflections it has seen as enough not the small soldier ran to tables with a mug of beer and a piece of meat in a hand. When it has run up, from has bitten off meat and has drunk up beer. The strong eructation was heard from its drunk too much organism. Not having sustained such lack of culture, the Isabella has risen and has approached to it. Having sticked into its breast a finger it has told:
- Even here you cannot supervise yourself. What will you make if will meet on the way group of the armed robbers?
- Baby, I shall simply scatter them. - and once again the next strong eructation was published from its organism. In this instant the Isabella has strained. Its hair mated and around all that badly laid has flown in air.
- Yes I now shall scatter you, you fat a pig. Yes I ... Here it have interrupted a voice of the magician which hardly shivered and was slightly not sober. It is not necessary. It is not necessary to arrange here fight. We are among people and our teachers. We can dishonour them having shown ours not restraint?! Everyone will think that we cannot supervise ourselves. Here you. You such big and strong. You think can overcome crowd of robbers. Well. Probably. But in it it is very difficult to me to be trusted. From for your self-confidence you can injure. And you are in a society so hold the eructation. It really is not beautiful. And you? You think that will overcome the soldier which above and more strongly you?! All maybe. But if you will start it to beat, attendees will gather all and you will remember as infringers of calm and will send on public works on the behaviour. And you will bring teachers. Not able to constrain the emotions are not worthy to carry a rank of goods and to live in Кraаg. - Yes whence you such clever have undertaken? - with a grin the soldier has asked.
- Stand. It is right. We should think before that that to make. I ask a pardon that has named you a pig. You have simply got drunk. - words of the Isabella became softer and kind. And flying subject matters have been lowered on the seats.
- What is your name, you the magician kind-has grumbled the Soldier.
- I Аrаsет. Radas with you to get acquainted. Well and you as call?
- I the Isabella.
- I Моdеs. And me too it is pleasant. By the way beautiful at you a name a doll!
- Thanks for your charming words. - with the surprised sight the Isabella has told. All three have sat down for a table and have decided to get acquainted more close. Моdеs drave behind binge and meat, and Аrаsет has brought fruit for a table and they have continued to have supper in the modest company talking on different subject matters. When all fun has come to an end graduates have agreed, that tomorrow all together will go on the market and will buy their first ammunition and will go to train after purchase. When all dispatch, all fires have been extinguished also all tables have been cleaned. Only then all send away to sleep.

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Not many dialogues XD... Cleary... Long... And fabulous story... That will be wonderful to my history teacher LOL XD

Great story bro :)

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Nice story!!!! paraphrase pls tho :'(

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It's a nice story ! Good luck ! ;)

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