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Hello, im preety new here so let me get this started.

Part 1:The Beginning Of The End.

It started out as a normal day for our brave hero, Johnn. He was a warrior, farming down hordes of goblins.

"Ohhhh, 25g!" as he picked up gold from the goblins

"I never understand why gold, sometimes drops from goblins?" .

He mashes about 30 goblins until he headed back to Windmoore City. He heads back to his home cart next to Boltag.

"Hey Boltag how it's doing?"

"Not Much" said Boltag

"Hmph"said Johnn to himself

"Hey Johnn! I have letter from... Someone named Anne" Johnn thinks for a moment "Anne?"

The mailman nods.

John takes the letter and reads it.

Dear Johnn, I know you don't know me but i do know you, a great evil has come and only three people can stop it.... and you are apart of it. A sorcerer, a rogue and a warrior. Come to Kraag where you will meet the sorcerer by the name of....Sundoom.

Johnn hesitates, but soon travelled to Kraag to find the sorcerer.....

Part 2:Finding Sundoom.

"Ahh Kraag, The great City" said Johnn upon arriving through the great city.

"Now to find that sorcerer" he said.

Hello, Dear traveler! What is it You are finding?" said an old creepy lady.

Um, Hello miss, do you know a sorcerer?

"I know a one or two" said the lady.

Suddenly Cannonballs was fired uppon the great city

BAM!! one of the cannonballs was hurled into the tavern eliminating it and everyone inside.

"What the jelli is Happening!?" said Johnn when he saw the destroyed tavern.

"The Undead" said a man next to the destroyed tavern.

"the what?"said Johnn.

"I SAID THE UNDEAD!!!! said the man.

"Sigh, Kids this days. I AM BJORN (thunder cracks) the (retired) LEGEND ( thunder cracks)

"Bjorn?" said Johnn

"YES" (thunder cracks)said Bjorn

"Agh, Im being Distracted" said Johnn.

"HMPH"(thunder cracks)

Hey Old lady, What's the name of sorcerers'?"

"Um, Krobox and um..... AHA! SUNDOOM!"

"That's it! Where is Sundoom?"

the old lady frowned

"What is happenning?"

"Hmph, Sundoom is... Is dead"

He is What?

He is dead, he died trying to save us from... From the traitor. said the old lady

Suddenly the old lady ran from her post when a connonball was hurled into her cart

"wait!" said Johnn

I know Him said a tiny man

"I am Noxxar, i am also a sorcerer, but... He was more powerful"

"that was why he was chosen" Johnn said to himself.

"He is Truly dead But..... HE can be revived by the help of...."

"of what? Tell me" said Johnn

"of Whoops give me gold first, 25 would be good" said the greedy sorcerer

"fine" said Johnn as he gave Noxxar the Gold

"Ok, here is what to be done" he silently whispered to Johnn

"What?! I Have to kill A demon?" Screamed John

"yes, the demon sorcerer. Sundoom can be revived by taking back his soul"

"Ok, where will i find the demon sorcerer?" said Johnn

"The East, TO DEAD CITY"

Johnn, determined to finish the quest runs off, to east to DEAD CITY....

Part 3:The Captain, The Brave and The Sorcerer

"eww, what the hell is this things?!" said Johnn after seeing the undead hordes.

"Stop, this is a restricted battle area, what are you doing here?" said a man in a cadet uniform

"What are you doing here?" said Johnn.

"I am Dimitrius, a class 3 Kraag commandos under the wing of captain rutger" Quickly responded ny Dimitrius.

"I need to find a... Demon Sorcerer" said Johnn.

"Hmmm, im not sure if you can survive, this here take this" said Dimitrius after giving John a legendary Weapon and armor.

"wow thanks" said John

You'll Need it, oh and that demon sorcerer, his name is Krodo, You can find him near the arcanum castle" said Dimitrius.

"Oh, and by the way Make sure You will talk to my partner"

"Oook" said Johnn

While walking, Johnn experienced a headache and suddenly saw Arlor Destroyed, with Windmoore wiped out and buildings gone, Kraag Burnt and destroyed, everyone is killed brakenridge and Traveler's Outpost completely Disintigrated and Nodr has been Crushed

"AAAHHHHHH!!" scremed Johnn...

"You, I am Captain Rutger of Kraag Commandos Are You ok?"

"Yes" Answered Johnn

"Kid, I need You to Find Anne of Brakenrige For me, ok?"

"Yah, i can do that" said Johnn.

"Good" said Rutger

"Anne?" he whispered.

To be Continued

Sooo Do u guys like it? Part 4 going to be aired at monday will john find anne? Or will he get killed by the Traitor? Find out on part 4!

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Aha nice story, pretty intreaging from the end for such a short story! I hope to see part 2 soon :)

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nice storyy...+1m :D

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Dont wait for the part 4!

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Sorry im having a writers block ill continue next week

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Sorry im having a writers block ill continue next week
Next week it's about a month gone.....

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Heh, sorry got distracted leveling ill continue if i get time

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Nice one :)

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Nce Story Kycus

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Nice story....

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I like it! suspense filled in thi story.. can't wait for next part =-O