View Full Version : warrior 4 item pack or rhino 4 item pack?

05-17-2013, 03:47 AM
If i wanna make a 20 tank mage which better?

05-17-2013, 11:49 AM
Here is the stats of the Paladin L.20 4 pack
Chain Helm Of The Great:2 str,5 int,2%dodge,3% hit,1% crit, 2 H/S,2M/s,12 armor
Guru's Premium Axe: 55-75 damage,0.9 speed,5 str,2 int,2% dodge,4% hit,2% crit, 1H/s
Mail Armor Of Greatness: 5 str,2 int, 1% dodge, 3% hit, 2 H/S,2 damage,22 armor
Battle Shield Of Greatness: 5 str,2 int,1% dodge,3% hit,2 H/S,2 damage,17 armor

Here is the Stats of the Warrior pack L.20 4 pack:
Conqueror's Battle Helm: 7 Str,2% dodge,4% Hit,2% Crit,1 H/S,2 damage,12 armor
Conquerors Fine Sword: 76-105 damage,1.3 speed,7 str,2% dodge,4% hit,2% crit,1 H/S
Battle Armor Of Legend: 7 str,1% dodge,3% hit,2 H/S,2 damage,21 armor
Battle Shield Of Legend: 7 str,1% dodge,3% hit, 2 H/S, 2 damage,17 armor
I personally have used both and I can tell you there isn't a massive difference I personally prefer Warrior Pack
I hope it hoped you have both stats to decide.