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First off, I know Dead wrote a great story on it, but here's my take on what happened back then:

10th Century A.D

From the cold, icy north, rose a tribe of great heroes. They were warriors of the toughest kind; rogues whose daggers made enemies wail in fear; mages whose power over the elements were sung in fear for decades to come. They were the Epitome of Excellence, a tribe blessed by the power of Dratzuh, God of Life; the power to never die.

Fast-forward ten years. The band of heroes now expanded. Hundreds now stood among their numbers. Together, the Epitome of Excellence became one of the strongest tribes ever in prehistoric Arlor. Their power of being immortal made even their oldest members survive the toughest battles. All seemed well until the rise of the Dark Lord.

His name was Mardrom, Lord Mardrom, and he reigned the Dead City as it was called. He was named the Terror King, as he had the power to bestow death upon anyone he chose.

Mardrom's first act upon becoming King was to wipe out all the tribes of Arlor, replacing them with his own dark minions. The Epitome evaded him as much as possible but the end was inevitable. Mardrom slowly hunted them down, destroying them one by one.

Their protection of Dratzuh failed as the God himself died. All seemed lost. But then the tribe from the mysterious West came forth; Silentkillz.

They were huge and strong; the very sound of their battle call made enemies quake in fear and run away screaming. They were also favored by Dratzuh; as his protection fell, they merged with the Epitome of Excellence; the last two tribes of Arlor merged into one, the Epitome of Silentkill.

Together they traveled through the dreaded Dead City, Arcanum Grounds and finally Arcanum Castle. On the way they faced never ending hordes of monsters before finally setting their sights on the tower looming above Arcanum Castle: the Tower of Mardrom.

Defeating the minions of hell that clung around his throne room, they journeyed upward. Around 500 of the bravest citizens of Arlor climbed that tower to face the mighty Lord Mardrom.

Facing so-called mythical beasts like the Grazuhfo, said to be son of Death himself, Hufzlosa, daughter of Death, and many, many other creatures before finally reaching the lair of Lord Mardrom.

He rose from his throne and assumed his full battle form. The Lord of Death was completely brick red, muscular arms bulging out, a mouth opened in a wicked smile.

So, his voice rumbled across the room, the heroes have finally arrived. I've been waiting to meet you.

The leader of Epitome of Excellence, Cassadeepope, and the leader of Silentkillz, Xcs, stepped forward and crossed weapons. "You will never pass us, foul beast," they called. "We will kill you!"

(A/N: Corny, but couldn't help it; this is the 10th century after all.)

A great battle ensued between Mardrom with his hordes of Hell and Epitome of Silentkillz. After a long, weary battle, they slew Lord Mardrom and ended his rule. Freeing Arlor, they returned to their abodes, naming Epitome of Excellence's Abode 'the City of Windmoore' and Silenkillz' 'the Great City of Kraag'.

Slowly tribes began to rebuild. They appeared back from hiding and rose to great heights. And thus concludes my lil story of how Epitome of Silentkill came to be.

I did not mean to offend any guild by saying how they hid, etc., that was just my take, as a scribe during those times, on the matter.

Signing off,

Official Scribe of Epitome of Silentkill

Sequel to this: http://www.spacetimestudios.com/showthread.php?103605-Epitome-of-Silentkill-The-Dawn-of-the-Hammer&p=1153067#post1153067

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Cool Story Man! Keep it going!

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:o Thanks for checking it out! Yeah Part II will be Kraken but not until enough ppl check this out -.- The Fan Stories section is not exactly popular.

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Cool story man!

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Thanks. Just Google it and you'll find the whole story.
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Wow omg you must write part II!

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Thanks, I prolly will :)

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That was in the 10th century? Gosh I feel old... :D
But nice story, go on with Kraken and Nordr too ;)

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Thanks for that comment :)

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Freaking awesome dude!You explained the whole story perfectly,waiting on part II :D

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I liked your story, little bit corny in a certain part of the story but you did prewarn us. Heh, good stuff. Like I said I enjoyed it.

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It's a very nice story ! I'm trying to write a story about Arcane legends to. Good luck and thank you ! :encouragement:

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Nice history about our guild bro! Keep it up! ;)

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Part 2's finally up! Thanks for all the support. Link to it is on the first page.

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Didn't knew we had PCs and phones in 10th Century A.D. to play AL ))

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beautiful history

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Didn't knew we had PCs and phones in 10th Century A.D. to play AL ))

Stop picking holes in my story -.-

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Nice story Al.. :)

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Nice story. Now Cass can kill Lord Mardom without anyones help. My oh my have the years gone by.:biggrin:

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m likeee thiss, m wannt moreeeee

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