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    haha bro i've dropped 10 obsidians.. obsidians drops more often.. :P.. i thought u dropped infused hammer or something when u said its the lucky day of ur life :P
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    I got obsidian 36 first day in third run, then i traded it to sinister, sold sinister (because i have one before) and trade 2mil + white biker top for albino. It was last piece of vanity in this game, now i have full collection. Actually obsi 36 is very easy drop i have 3 more after it. Hope you will get luck ikn relic weap bro ;)
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    Late, reply, but thanks
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    I don't believe so, Moth. That is not a good place for K/d ratio'ing. The first boss must be killed to unlock other levels and the first boss will almost certainly kill you. Better to buy the gear, if you're ratio'ing.
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    Hey Snake My bird just hit 21, and just as you did, I'd like to farm myself a few good pinks from SSC. My dillema comes from me having no deaths. Is there a good system to maintain my k/d but do well in SSC? Thanks Great work btw, and good luck
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    Agreed. I Thrashered my way from mid 30s to 65 in just a few weeks. I regret it.
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    Good knowledge. It's the journy that makes it fun!
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    Oh, purty bird.

    Where are the boss pictures?!?
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    I love those boss pictures! And what's a few deaths for art!

    I just realized you don't have any splat pictures of yourself
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    You're right as always, Robert. The JT Mojo Bow Bow (level 20) is better than the JT Forest Bow (level 19) by 4 DPS, and they are in CS at 20K to 40K. I'll just buy the cheaper one. And thanks for the offer but I'm moving on now...
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    u can farm wyldwood for the mojo bow-bow. Just keep looking for bad mojo. The firey demon thing gives good drops too. I'll help if you want.
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    Awesome work as always thanks for keeping me entertained!
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    I try to figure out how many trolls I can (mostly) safely kite and kite all of them, including the King. Though sometimes I try not to because it usually results in most people jumping the group. (Chickens!) Doing 1-2 trolls at a time is SLOW! It's so much faster to kite them all
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    Very interesting I could imagine its a blast but i dont think im daring enough to do it. Im amazed at how much clearer the graphics look on your...droid? Anyways, best of luck and most of all have fun!
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    correction: Many have already noticed but, the elixir vendor is named Vincent.

    and an added note: Vincent was removed from map 1 sometime last October. This seems like a nice place to give a thumbs up to that decision.
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    Barbamitsos, my old friend!

    Yes, I took a break to discipline myself because I wasn't writing enough. I found that I could write a few pages a day on the bus, but it was very distracting. I still write on the bus, but if I'm going to be distracted, I would rather be distracted by a game. Besides, a lack of discipline is part of my personality, and I just wouldn't be me if I changed that!

    If you have your old level 19 twink, stop by and run with me!
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    Snaky u started playin again? hope to see u soon ingame. Will add ur remademainblablabla
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    You could probably nab a pic of me from somewhere off the Internet.
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