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  1. Sankespeare Re-Make: Forest Haven

    Forest Haven is a campaign I know very well. I pay in Forest Haven when I want a Fast Game. Let me explain the Fast Game first.

    The point of a Fast Game is to treat PL:FH as a standalone single-player. i start by tapping Unregistered Account and take whatever random character and name the system gives. My intent then is to run each of the five maps only once and still complete all quests. There are two tricks to that, but otherwise you can simply take any available quest as you do ...
  2. The Re-making of Snakespeare

    Last week, after hitting 65 in Pocket Legends, I realized that I was more or less done. My options were to go on to elite cap, level an alt, level an alt in SL, farm with twinks, or just hang out. None of these options was very appealing to me.

    So, for the second time, I renamed my existing main, made it a twink, and restarted it!

    Why restart? Why not just make a new character by a different name? Fact is, I have a dozen of these other characters. I don't care about ...
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