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  1. Accusation against me!

    Hello, bees!

    I just want to refute because I've recently come across of massive assault on my genuineness.
    I'm aware there is no enforcement that I should prove you anything but I let you see my good ticker.

    Let's live in harmony!

    Best Regards

  2. Welcome again and Best Wishes!

    Greetings Again!

    It's been a long time!
    I haven't played for few months. I'm so upset cos I did not wish you Merry Christmas and now it's too late
    Anyway I hope your Christmas was nice and you spent it with your family in geniality.
    I also hope you are pleased of your presents! I'm sure that Santa came up trumps
    Snatching the opportunity that I'm here now, I wish you Happy New Year, sweeties!
    I wish you all the best, I
  3. My First Time!


    First main thing, I want apologize for my English. I'm still studying it.

    Well I've just registered few months ago and become a new member of forum people.

    I play for about a year. It's really time-consuming but it seems I enjoyed... unfortunately?
    What I've experienced is the tolerance and behaviour, but I mean it's weakness.
    To be honest most are still kids, there are definitely more of them than mature because