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  1. avikk's Avatar
    Awesome! ty for these maps!
  2. Jirikjurasek's Avatar
    Thanks, blog is more edit-friendly and Im able to keep all guides together
  3. Silverpegasus's Avatar
    This is the most comprehensive guide for planar arena. You really should have it posted and stickied XD
  4. Silverpegasus's Avatar
    thank you so much jiri for this post.
    i hate this boss the most, it is by far worse than t2/t3. your blog really helps me understand its damage pattern. because for us squishies it is one hit ko fireball and burns, hard to study it.

    P.S. You should post your guide in AL Forum instead of blog. Its kinda hard to find here. It is by far the best detailed explanation for planar tomb and arena.
  5. Pollata1246's Avatar
    The veery much bro/sis