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  1. Serial 3: Elite Planar Tombs Level 2

    Elite Planar Tombs Level 2 Boss
    Ferrix skin boss with armor and HP like Trulle. For beating this boss you will need piece of patience. Boss has big dmg on normal attack and summon purple circle, which heals him. This is only one elite boss who can be pulled by Axe Throw. This is perfect skill for get boss out of purple circle, however only when boss casting Narrow forward attack Axe Throw doesnīt pull him.

    Red zones attacks:
    Wide range - Does massive dmg depends on dmg ...

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  2. Serial 2: ELite Planar Tombs Level 1

    Due to low mobs quantity its quite easy to reach boss position.
    Beware of purple mages, who summon deadly shadow pools and random instant kills.

    Planar Tombs Level 1 Boss
    Boss has slow movement speed, low normal attack dmg, cast fireball which can intant kill rogues/mages. Stand as far as possible but stil in YOUR skills range should prevent you to be fireball target.

    Red zone attacks:
    short range - get stun and dmg
    wide range - cast circle ...

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  3. Serial 1: Planar Arena

    There will be decribe of technicues for all bosses with all kind of environments.

    Proximity curse: When your ally step into blue (purple) circle around you, they will die.
    Enrage: Stand near by gate and pull boss. Enrage timer doesnīt start when: You nor pet donīt attack on obelisk and donīt go close to the obelisk, so you have to stay out of small circle in the middle of arena. Area of effect spells and pets with multiple target can easily start the timer. ...

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