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Ever since I've joined forums I have made friends who are very nice like skeletonlord ,bilaxman,wickedbearr and a few more.I would like to thank you all for being kind and helpful for helping me around.i would also like to thank all the TCG members especially zomgranger,ZzfluffiesZz,wickedbearr and ultima-Fnord.

So yeah I end this bloggy thingy

  1. Al update#2

    So here is update 2 let's start!

    Made new friend
    Went lvl15
    Bought 2eggs (HATCHED)
    Got pet from klass

    I made a new friend in AL called skelsocerer (skeletonlord).
    Reached L15 took 3days
    I bought a deary egg and the flounder egg.Got a pet from klass which name is alessanjro

    Note:I will keep doing blogs when i lvl
    5 time like 15-20-25-30-35-36
    Also I'm gonna go a blog if I cap
  2. hello there

    It my first blog so I'm do update of what I do so here is update #1 OF AL!

    Done 3 offers to get 3 platinum and got the free platinum from when levelling.
    I bought the gun (Forgot name ) for 10 platinum
    The gun IS SICK!
    Looks cool and powerful.
    Also who's excited for expansion if yes comment (cap)
    I AM.Also I'm gonna do updates on pl!