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  1. Battle Dragons Available Exclusively for Android Devices Worldwide

    Spacetime Games' Battle Dragons Soars on the Nexus 7 II Tablet

    Persistent Combat Strategy Title Available Exclusively for Android Devices Worldwide

    Spacetime Games’ persistent combat strategy title, Battle Dragons, has been unleashed for the launch of the new Nexus 7 II tablet. Battle Dragons is now available worldwide, exclusively on Google Play.

    In Battle Dragons, players command an army of ...
  2. Pocket Gamer names Spacetime Studios top 50 Game Developer - 3 years in a row!

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    Out of tens of thousands of game publishers and developers, selects the top 50 in their 4th annual listing of the who's who in the mobile world. Spacetime Studios has been included in this notable list now for 3 years running: Top 50 Game Dev of 2013, Top 50 Game Dev of 2012 and Top 50 Game Dev of 2011.

    Huge thanks go out to our fans for all of your support! While we are the architects of our MMO worlds, it is you, ...
  3. Arcane Legends Wins 2012 BEST MMO APP Ever!

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    The results are in and Arcane Legends comes out on top to win the 2012 Best MMO Game Award from the 5th Annual Best App Ever Awards!

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    To commemorate this accomplishment, from now through the end of March, log into Arcane Legends and see Brice Banner in either the Traveler's Outpost, Great City of Kraag or Paradise Port and receive your very own Best Banner Ever!

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  4. Kraken Isles Expansion Coming to Arcane Legends in Late February.

    The Kracken Isles Expansion is Coming! Level Cap Raise, New Content and Pirates!

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    Across the ocean south of Windmoore lies the Kraken Isles, a series of small islands rich in natural resources and grog. On the surface it looks like paradise but the land is rife with pirates and threatened by an ancient curse. ...
  5. Arcane Legends Development: PvP - Capture the Flag & Next Expansion

    4 vs. 4 Capture the Flag Player vs. Player Map Coming Soon!

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    Let's get ready to rumble!! Gather your friends and join the mayhem as 4v4 Capture the Flag is launching very soon!

    Fight opponents for control of the flag. Run the flag, scout, defend your flag or go all in... it is up to you! The first ...
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