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    Nice although this was made sometime ago...
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    man i liked this logo and old version before update but now all ruined
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    Why my redward plat from Xnative always pending? .. .. I finish instaled Offer ... but it is always pending -,-
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    Updated 02-21-2014 at 12:24 AM by Ababy
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    Oh thx for the help
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    the game shut dow that was a pain in the butt but they way we went out was like new years
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    Merry birthmas tomorrow
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    but spicetime team never answer my protest email
    how could i do now??
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    Congrats STS! You guys are certainly among the best in the biz.
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    just android -_- well...... that sucks :/
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    Is AL for armv6 phones because I have Galaxy Mini
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    im going to download this when it comes out
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    It said not able to reach chrome web store :/
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    Highest powered outfit ehh
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    Does this have anything at ALL to do with Blacksmoke?

    This is Bramer - signing out
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