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  1. Pocket Legends Humania Expansion is Here!

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    Welcome to Pocket Legends - Humania!

    • New Campaign: Humania has been released! New adventure awaits on the Isle of Humania.
    • Level cap has been raised to 71.
    • All player abilities can now be increased to rank 7 for characters level 65 and over.
    • Pocket Legends now has Achievements and Titles! You can access them from your Avatar page.
    • Added support for logging in with Facebook and Google Accounts
    • Most user interface screens have
  2. Arcane Legends - Coming Soon to Mobile and Desktop

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    The newest addition to Spacetime Studios' mobile and desktop Legends franchise will deliver intense cross-platform, multiplayer combat with Arcane Legends. This new action RPG will be available for iOS, Android and Chrome in early fall 2012.[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]

    Players will choose from three classes: powerful Warriors, devious Rogues or mysterious Sorcerers; each with their own set of abilities. Party members will be able to combine their ...
  3. Spacetime Studios Teams Up with Google - Dark Legends MMO on Mobile and Desktop

    Spacetime Studios Teams Up with Google on
    World’s First MMO to Launch Simultaneously on Mobile and Desktop

    Dark Legends Now Available Exclusively On Google Play and Chrome Web Store

    Spacetime Studios, working closely with Google, is introducing the worldss first MMO to launch simultaneously on mobile and desktop platforms. The mobile MMO Dark Legends is ...

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  4. Watch Out for Dark Legends Promo Codes on Gaming Websites!

    Some of you have noticed this little button, found in the Spacetime Nexus inside Dark Legends

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    Spacetime Studios has partnered with a number of internet gaming websites to give out promotional codes that can be redeemed in game, via the above button, for exclusive in game items. Each of the different website partners may give away their codes in different ways. Some might do Twitter contest, some might give away codes in their e-mail newsletter, ...
  5. Skewed 'n Reviewed - Interview with the Dark Legends Designer

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    Skewed 'n Reviewed sits down with Niklas ‘Swede’ Johansson, Senior Game Designer at Spacetime Studios about the new game Dark Legends.

    Here's an excerpt from the interview:

    How are new skills, power ups, and weapons managed and obtained?

    New skills are unlocked as your character grows and at higher levels you are able to rank these skills up- improving them and further tailoring your character the way you want
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