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  1. Congratulations Communion!!

    I reached 3.1k FAPS!!


    Approximately half way to go to catch up to Bearbeta, but I've slowed down for some reason again.

    Updated 01-01-2016 at 08:44 AM by Communion

    Player Vs Player
  2. I am Communion

    To all those fellow twinks out there.

    Guys... I am not the L17 rhino that goes by the name of "Zillionareee" meaning I am also not the master of the guild <L 17>.

    Sorry for all those who misunderstood and told me information meant to only be for Zillionareee.

    I, myself have no idea how this rumour started.

    I don't know what this messge was about but someone in PvP privated messaged me saying Something about disbanning ...
    Player Vs Player
  3. Low Level Pvp Builds

    Hello everyone, lot's of people have asked me for my L12 bear build in-game, so along with the other skill builds I will of course put my builds in there as well.

    If you decide to private message me in-game about a build that you would like to go on here, please do. You could also comment and private message me on the forums if you have an account. If a build that i was told about goes on this thread, your name will be next to the build you told me to show that it is yours.

    Updated 03-27-2016 at 05:58 AM by Communion

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