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  1. I am Communion

    To all those fellow twinks out there.

    Guys... I am not the L17 rhino that goes by the name of "Zillionareee" meaning I am also not the master of the guild <L 17>.

    Sorry for all those who misunderstood and told me information meant to only be for Zillionareee.

    I, myself have no idea how this rumour started.

    I don't know what this messge was about but someone in PvP privated messaged me saying Something about disbanning ...
    Player Vs Player
  2. Start PvPing Low Level NOW!!!

    This thread is an advertisement for those players who used to do, or do not PvP at a low level.

    Being a low level means a lot, it isn't like you have an unlimited amount of mana because of your high regeneration due to the variety of items to use while being an endgame PvPer and an over powered amount of hp regeneration.

    As a low level, there aren't lots of items to use apart from over powered noob gear like the L1 rhino deafult war hammer item ( if anyone agrees ). ...

    Updated 12-18-2015 at 07:05 AM by Communion

  3. Buying Forest Haven Crafting Items

    Forest Haven scraps and crafting components.

    Buying List :


    Scrap of Cloth
    Scrap of Leather
    Chain scrap


    Cloth Fabric
    Leather Panel
    Chain Sheet


    Presto's gem
    Hawkeye's gem
    Focus gem
    Power gem

    Remember this when selling to me.
    "Cs isn't the mainstream price"
    Merching And Deals
  4. Create Your Own Signature

    This is a great website I have spotted and i think i should share it with other people who wants to improve on their own signature, or create another one with this website.

    This website includes
    - Options :
    Font Preview
    Horizontal Position (X)
    Vertical Position (Y)
  5. Forest Haven Crafting Guide - L.5 & L.15

    Ever wanted to know where to craft forest haven items? But it doesnt let you?

    Well this is the right guide for you! ( or at least thats what i think )
    Below this text, there will be steps of how to be able to craft with Burke the Blacksmith.

    Bennu The Trader
    Okay, so! Once you log in, click on World Map, it should be on the top of your screen. Enter the first towne, which is forest haven, once you are there, look for Bennu The Trade. He should have either ...

    Updated 12-17-2015 at 11:59 PM by Communion

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