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  1. Forest Haven Crafting Guide - L.5 & L.15

    Ever wanted to know where to craft forest haven items? But it doesnt let you?

    Well this is the right guide for you! ( or at least thats what i think )
    Below this text, there will be steps of how to be able to craft with Burke the Blacksmith.

    Bennu The Trader
    Okay, so! Once you log in, click on World Map, it should be on the top of your screen. Enter the first towne, which is forest haven, once you are there, look for Bennu The Trade. He should have either ...

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  2. Low Level Pvp Builds

    Hello everyone, lot's of people have asked me for my L12 bear build in-game, so along with the other skill builds I will of course put my builds in there as well.

    If you decide to private message me in-game about a build that you would like to go on here, please do. You could also comment and private message me on the forums if you have an account. If a build that i was told about goes on this thread, your name will be next to the build you told me to show that it is yours.

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