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  1. Purple/white dragon vanity

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    @cinco. I know youre trying to get people to purchase plat more. Adding something reskinned as a plat purchased dungeon would make people want it more and more. We have talked about it several times. This map would be a 3 plat dungeon like nuris dungeon. You could also put a portal in oktal town to purchase the elixir for say 50-75 plat to have access for 60min. The drop tables would include.

    *white dragon vanity helm/armor
    *purple dragon vanity helm/armor
    *oktal helm/armors
  2. Level 15 Bear Guide

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    Hello Pocket Legends and PvP community today I have decided to release my builds and how to use them effectively. The main reason I am doing this is just for the sheer fact that there are many bad level 15 bears, this is to help them improve also we need new faces in the low level range. Please feel free to post and give feedback!

    Table of Contents:
    I. Faces
    II. Gear
    III. Build
    IV. How to perform
    V. A Reminder

    I. The Face
  3. PVP Suggestion

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    The invulnerability orb applied to revives when it was implemented years ago. The developer team said they could not get it to only apply to spawns.

    Additionally, the gate idea has been suggested numerous times. Justg stated that the team cannot implement the gate because it is too complicated of a coding process and the game would need an overhaul to make it like AL.
    For anyone curious about this, I found Dolloway's explanation to be the most thorough. Sts simply ...