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  1. 71Bird

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    Hey, making a 71 bird ATM (L69rn), I got phantom and flying, was wondering what should my build be? I wanna be full dex

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    For anyone who may have the same question, I would suggest going 9 blast, 9 shatter, 0 break, 8 blind, 9 on both roots, 8 heal, and the rest are up to preference.
  2. The Showman's Exuberant Iguana Extravaganza (Part 1)

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    A Pocket Legends Commentary:

    Under the familiar tent, the show went on. Elephants paraded around like a show of mockery, lions jumping through hoops as though they could be tamed, and acrobatics walking the tight rope. But one figure, deep in the recesses of the show, was unseen. The iguana, the showman's personal pet, had a variety of tricks.

    This included back flips, front flips, contortions of the body, and hypnosis. However, his act was never seen by those at the
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