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  1. Arcane Legends Skills - Warrior

    WARRIOR (Subject to changes as game changes)
    SKYWARD SMASH 21.5mp 4CD 12m 7-9dam +dam on crit, Rushes forward/misses sometimes
    Seismic Slam Range of slam damage increased to 6m
    Thundering Hammer +10% damage
    Quaking Earth Damage = 25% chance of stun
    Effortless Execution Damage = 25% chance of +20mp
    CHEST SPLITTER 21.5mp 3CD 4.5m 7-9dam +dam on crit
    Extended Reach +1 number of targets
    Decimation Slain enemies have 25% chance (45% on charged)
    Arcane Legends
  2. Arcane Legends Skills - Sorcerer

    SORCERER (Subject to changes as game changes)
    FIREBALL 60mp 4CD 14m 12-16dam +dam on crit AoE
    Engulf +3m AoE
    Ignite +burn damage/sec for 5sec
    Impact +KD + stun
    Scorch -25%hit for 5sec
    LIGHTNING STRIKE 52.5mp 3CD 12m 17-21dam +dam on crit, AoE?
    Empowered Bolt +15% dam
    Electrical Discharge +15%chance (+25% chance charged) of killed foes to explode & lightning other foes
    Positive Surge +250%dam on crit
    Shock +25%

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    Arcane Legends
  3. Arcane Legends Skills - Rogue

    ROGUE (Subject to changes as game changes)
    SHADOW PIERCER 40mp, 3CD, 16m, 10-13dam + dam on crit, Leaps towards foe, misses all the time
    Gouging Rush 15% chance of -10% armor
    Shadow Absorption Hit has 75% chance of +10% hps
    Rising Death After normal Shadow Piercer atk, deliver multiple low damage hits
    Leading Dagger Increase max targets to 3 (misses alot or misses a lot charged)
    NOXIOUS BOLT 33mp 3CD 14m 10-13dam + pois dam ea. 3sec. (pois dam for ...
    Arcane Legends
  4. A Guide to Feeding Your Vampire, or How to Keep your Vampire in Blood

    (Helpful Tip #5666)

    Keeping your vampire in blood is very important to keeping yourself alive (animated?). A vampire's "soul" is in the blood.

    But after pommeling those ghouls, being slathered in fountains of blood, do you sometimes find yourself thirsting, but when you try to feed (by tapping/clicking on Name:  Screen Shot 2012-05-08 at 1.02.51 AMsm.png
Views: 2312
Size:  6.0 KB or hitting Q), you find yourself standing about doing nothing?

    Even when there are plenty of walking blood sacks ...

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    Dark Legends
  5. DL Areas: 8 Red Light District + 9 Marshwood

    This following are my area notes for the DL areas, part 3/3.

    I numbered each area and the 3D dungeons. Usually I find timed missions based off the 3d dungeons, such as 1 after the 3rd dungeon, etc. The items listed are the legendary drops -- they are the same but different depending on the player's level.

    For timed missions, their time is included in parenthesis after their name. The rest should be obvious.

    Dungeons are 20xp, 125g 1st time through. ...

    Updated 05-13-2012 at 04:15 AM by Fyrce

    Dark Legends
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