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Arcane Legends

  1. Arcane Legends Skills - Warrior

    WARRIOR (Subject to changes as game changes)
    SKYWARD SMASH 21.5mp 4CD 12m 7-9dam +dam on crit, Rushes forward/misses sometimes
    Seismic Slam Range of slam damage increased to 6m
    Thundering Hammer +10% damage
    Quaking Earth Damage = 25% chance of stun
    Effortless Execution Damage = 25% chance of +20mp
    CHEST SPLITTER 21.5mp 3CD 4.5m 7-9dam +dam on crit
    Extended Reach +1 number of targets
    Decimation Slain enemies have 25% chance (45% on charged)
    Arcane Legends
  2. Arcane Legends Skills - Sorcerer

    SORCERER (Subject to changes as game changes)
    FIREBALL 60mp 4CD 14m 12-16dam +dam on crit AoE
    Engulf +3m AoE
    Ignite +burn damage/sec for 5sec
    Impact +KD + stun
    Scorch -25%hit for 5sec
    LIGHTNING STRIKE 52.5mp 3CD 12m 17-21dam +dam on crit, AoE?
    Empowered Bolt +15% dam
    Electrical Discharge +15%chance (+25% chance charged) of killed foes to explode & lightning other foes
    Positive Surge +250%dam on crit
    Shock +25%

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    Arcane Legends
  3. Arcane Legends Skills - Rogue

    ROGUE (Subject to changes as game changes)
    SHADOW PIERCER 40mp, 3CD, 16m, 10-13dam + dam on crit, Leaps towards foe, misses all the time
    Gouging Rush 15% chance of -10% armor
    Shadow Absorption Hit has 75% chance of +10% hps
    Rising Death After normal Shadow Piercer atk, deliver multiple low damage hits
    Leading Dagger Increase max targets to 3 (misses alot or misses a lot charged)
    NOXIOUS BOLT 33mp 3CD 14m 10-13dam + pois dam ea. 3sec. (pois dam for ...
    Arcane Legends