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  1. Battlewand's Avatar
    Good posts, I'm trying to find the right Sorcerer build and this really helped!
  2. Elite_Elements_AL_Guild's Avatar
    dude these are really good posts keep them up
  3. Dragonrider023's Avatar
  4. Fyrce's Avatar
    I used it to check which items I wanted to get

    And of course, I saw some of the non-guide guides. I ignored them. Besides, now it's all in a blog Maybe I should put a link in a post? Or how's this stuff work anyways?
  5. wvhills's Avatar
    have u read some of the "guides" lately? haha. It's great. You should def make a thread. Right now I'm focused on leveling up and unlocking maps but I'll def refer to this once I reach cap and want to farm certain items.
  6. Fyrce's Avatar
    Is it good enough for a thread? It's rather long. I'm not sure... It's very useful for me so I hope it helps you guys.
  7. wvhills's Avatar
    great job fyrce! This would be a great thread! You're the woman!
  8. Jugernugetx's Avatar