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  1. Mission Crabs! - Holidays at Kraken aditional story!

    "Have you ever heard about those Crabs at The Isles of Kraken? No, I do not mean those crabs whom have awesome taste of meat, I am talking about those Evolved ones!
    They are Chaos and Evil creatures.
    They are famous for they cruelty and impresive, ugly philosophy "Every being who have not evolved" (They are originaly from true crabs, but within a centuries they have become something new, something who gives you a fear when you look at it) "Is not worth of standing ...
  2. Swiming throught the Sea - Holidays at Kraken aditional story!

    It was enough hot that my blue skin got some purple effect and got ichy. &lt;br /&gt;<br />
    Personaly I never enjoyed sunbathing, but well.. It was sunny, I was at beach.. Thought &amp;quot;why not?&amp;quot;. And after few minutes I became purple omar! It was pretty scary, because I have heard rumors &amp;quot;how peoples have died because of sun&amp;quot;. My master once said that if you get burned, go to lake and swim. So if we look at sun as a fire, and at ...

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  3. Holidays at Kraken!

    I decided to take few days off (Do not blame me, I have been clearing those dungeons without rest for week!). <br />
    Since I was pretty new at my guild, I thought there will be problems with master, but my fortune was bright and master was careless about new peoples in guild (Well I can not blame her, Elondrians are ready to close portal to our world, so all guild masters and officers need to show their respect and give farewell gifts to other world's peoples to show great will from ...

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  4. Sixth Day! ~ New Friend

    This day was special! No, dont worry I havent reached cap But I have got my hands on second mythical amulet I have! (First one was Leprechaun's Pendant)
    Hopefully you will like the story!

    On early morning I have been visiting Elondrians' camp (They were in ned of help to slain Ursoth, since he became too wild and tryed to get out of Elondria to Arloria).I was in need to kill him 2 times in a row to teach the lesson.. (Seems that he is immortal?)
    Before I went to the ...
  5. Fiveth Day! ~ Watcher Tombs Became My Second Home

    You may know that when you kill alot of goblins, skeletons and all kind of Arloria's enemies, you also get alot of essences (There are all kind of them! Blood, Fire, Life!) when you get enough of them you can craft an incredible gems!
    That is what I have been doing whole day - Getting essences.
    When I was too exhausted to shout all spells, I went to the entrace of Watchers' Tombs. Soon after I closed door to Tombs Fourth Level someone grabed my arm and I was pulled to the Tombs again. ...
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