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  1. [Guide]Choosing Your Class...

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    New to Game? Don't know which Class is Best? Here's a Depth Answer to Choose your Class!

    First, There is No best Class,Everyone likes Each Class due to It's Special Ability,

    Let's See into them,


    Attribute Point
    •Warriors Spend Their Attribute points in Str(Strength)

    •They got the Most HP(Health)

    •They Lack in Critical hit and Dodge

    •They Lack in Mana

    •They Got the
  2. Need Help? Consult the Arcane Legends Minutemen!

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    Minutemen Group:

    We are the Arcane Legends Minutemen! We help those who need assistance with bosses, elites, map completion, quests, advice, etc. We are frequently available to help those in trouble, and will humbly assist anyone who needs help.

    The name "Minutemen" was derived from the members of a militia who were said to have been able to get