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  1. The Best user-names of all Time... are yours!

    What actually MAKES a good username?
    Sure, originality is in the equation somewhere, but lets face it: the larger the audience, the more awesome usernames are already taken. Relevant to the website/game? You can only go so far before it just blends in as a fanboy glance-over.
    The truth is that a username is just that, a name. A name is nothing but a abstract marker, or put simply, the way you represent yourself. People usually think that means that the username defines the person, ...
  2. After Minecraft, comes...


    here is my pride and joy, the citadel!

    photobucket made it smaller... full size can be found here, since uploads can only be so big on this forum...
  3. What I do instead of play PL...

    Frankly, i am stuck with single player games until i get wifi.


    And ...