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  1. Off school, holidays starting!

    Ooooh, a blog! What does this button do?

    I just got off school this Thursday, my last final exam finally! (fingers crossed). You know, it's your last exam before a long break, all your friends have finished, it's really early in the morning.. You just want to finish it

    I also just flew back home from Sydney. Back to the homeland - the Philippines Quite a change in climate. Sydney was getting warmer, but it could get cold and extremely cold through rain. It's warm ...
  2. Blog Guide: Crowd Control - what a Bear does best.

    This guide is primarily focused on educating new players on how to play a Bear and what it is capable of.

    Guide Objectives:

    1. To show what crowd control is and what it can do.
    2. To show what a bear has to effectively crowd control.
    3. To show how a bear can crowd control.

    What is Crowd Control?

    Crowd Control or CC, which from here on we will use, has this definition from Wikipedia:

    Crowd control (also called