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Blog posts here will talk about gaming and STS games.

  1. Last leg of trip - en route to elite cap.

    Hey everyone! I hope you've all been well and having awesome fun in-game.

    I arrived Milan today after a long drive, the last stop for our trip before we head home this Friday. I've loved Italy so far - food, art, culture, *cough* women *cough* I think I'm content in those areas though, it's time for home, gaming, and friends

    On the gaming side, due to the long hours we spend on the road driving + the pretty decent 3G reception here, I was able to get myself up ...
  2. Joined Heyzap!

    After reading from Sam that the STS games were now available in Heyzap, I decided to give it a try.

    I'm under "Ellyidol" over there and checked in under PL. Will be checking for the other stuff I play on my devices.

    Feel free to search for me, add me, I don't think there's a poke feature though

    See ya!

  3. I simply cannot wait for the PC version!

    Due to my home internet being very unstable and slow the past few days, I've been quite limited in my gaming. However, I have unlimited 3G internet.. PL time!

    It was like a dejavu, logging on again through my iPhone (did the heating become more apparent after iOS 5? Seemed to be). And what do you know, exactly 4 guild members online + me. Guild run! I missed running with them, Chant, Maynard, Zaltair, Masterhoon - I know I'll catch the rest later

    After awhile though, ...

    Updated 11-24-2011 at 05:28 AM by Ellyidol

    STS Gaming.
  4. Skill tree thoughts.

    As promised, I would be posting my ideas on what possible skill trees each class could have in PL. I'd love to hear your ideas as well!


    Damage versus Tank - Simple as that, I think it should be divided into two main roles, do damage or to tank - or a bit of both!


    Single target versus AOE - Since the bird's job is to do damage, my idea of a skill tree would be specializing in doing single-target damage (bosses) or AOE damage (mobs). Of ...

    Updated 11-21-2011 at 10:46 PM by Ellyidol

    STS Gaming.