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From Elly to Bryan.

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  1. Back home, not for long though.

    Hey all, I arrived Cebu (home) yesterday, was very fortunate for the travel to almost completely sync me with the time-difference (was still up at 5AM today, but not so bad ).

    I have to take another trip out of town, just an hour away, for a company event. I don't think I'll be bringing my laptop since it's just a light trip and I'd be pretty busy.

    Hope all is well! I'll put up photos of my trip + this event soon

    Take care everyone!
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    From Elly to Bryan.
  2. Hard to blog on mobile.

    Hey everyone! Greetings from Rome!

    I got a few messages the past few days asking whether I was back home yet since I've been on the forums. It turns out that getting a prepaid sim with unlimited Internet isn't that expensive here downside is that I didn't bring my laptop, iDevices only which makes it pretty hard to fully blog.

    That said, just wanted to give a quick heads up that I'm still traveling. I have some really awesome pictures lined up especially taken for ...
  3. Off to Italy with family. GTL time!

    Hey everyone, I'll be leaving tomorrow (roughly 24 hours) for Italy with the family. A vacation with a side trip for a small pilgrimage with the Pope

    We fly out to Rome for a few days, then dad is challenging himself to drive up north around Italy. Gonna be gone for about 13 days (fingers crossed, internet will be fully stable when I come back).

    Looking forward to everything BUT the cold weather. I heard its roughly 8-10 degrees during the day, dropping to 0 or below ...
  4. What good do sharks do?

    I watched a couple of movies with my sister last night, one surfing movie involving a shark, another shark movie, and finally another holiday movie. All three seemed to have been ruined by a shark - the shark biting the surfer, the shark attacking a swamp, and a shark attacking a tourist.

    This got me thinking, what good do sharks actually do in the world? What do you think?
    From Elly to Bryan.