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  1. Last leg of trip - en route to elite cap.

    Hey everyone! I hope you've all been well and having awesome fun in-game.

    I arrived Milan today after a long drive, the last stop for our trip before we head home this Friday. I've loved Italy so far - food, art, culture, *cough* women *cough* I think I'm content in those areas though, it's time for home, gaming, and friends

    On the gaming side, due to the long hours we spend on the road driving + the pretty decent 3G reception here, I was able to get myself up ...
  2. Off to Italy with family. GTL time!

    Hey everyone, I'll be leaving tomorrow (roughly 24 hours) for Italy with the family. A vacation with a side trip for a small pilgrimage with the Pope

    We fly out to Rome for a few days, then dad is challenging himself to drive up north around Italy. Gonna be gone for about 13 days (fingers crossed, internet will be fully stable when I come back).

    Looking forward to everything BUT the cold weather. I heard its roughly 8-10 degrees during the day, dropping to 0 or below ...
  3. Off school, holidays starting!

    Ooooh, a blog! What does this button do?

    I just got off school this Thursday, my last final exam finally! (fingers crossed). You know, it's your last exam before a long break, all your friends have finished, it's really early in the morning.. You just want to finish it

    I also just flew back home from Sydney. Back to the homeland - the Philippines Quite a change in climate. Sydney was getting warmer, but it could get cold and extremely cold through rain. It's warm ...