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  1. Hard to blog on mobile.

    Hey everyone! Greetings from Rome!

    I got a few messages the past few days asking whether I was back home yet since I've been on the forums. It turns out that getting a prepaid sim with unlimited Internet isn't that expensive here downside is that I didn't bring my laptop, iDevices only which makes it pretty hard to fully blog.

    That said, just wanted to give a quick heads up that I'm still traveling. I have some really awesome pictures lined up especially taken for ...
  2. Off school, holidays starting!

    Ooooh, a blog! What does this button do?

    I just got off school this Thursday, my last final exam finally! (fingers crossed). You know, it's your last exam before a long break, all your friends have finished, it's really early in the morning.. You just want to finish it

    I also just flew back home from Sydney. Back to the homeland - the Philippines Quite a change in climate. Sydney was getting warmer, but it could get cold and extremely cold through rain. It's warm ...