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  1. Cascade's Avatar
    Sounds awesome dude! I've always wanted to go to Europe!
  2. ninjaduck's Avatar
    Dont get eaten!
  3. Ellyidol's Avatar
    Thanks everyone! I'd love to meet up with Riccits, i don't think I can though. Parents prepared a busy schedule for our trip.

    I'll be sure to put up photos as much as I can thanks again!
  4. cherryking's Avatar
    Look up riccit he from italy
  5. Piosidon's Avatar
    have fun
  6. Carth's Avatar
    Enjoy your trip, Elly! Can't wait to see some pictures!
  7. Grankledude's Avatar
    cya elly! (i would enjoy the weather a
  8. javier995's Avatar
    Cya Elly have a wonderful time bro!
  9. Lowlyspy's Avatar
    Laters elly! Mama mia! (lol had to put a mario referrence in there )
  10. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    i wish it goes well elly!
  11. Fatpigwarrior's Avatar
    Have fun (I forgot that in Italian learnt at class) ciao e pafatuno (didn't spell correct :P) for ur trip
  12. Crunchee's Avatar
    Enjoy your trip!
  13. adidaman's Avatar
    have fun elly (:
  14. Zerious's Avatar
    Still, STILL, baffled that my sensei, Imperialelf, is back XD. and my Twink workshop guild is beginning to grow. only hard to sculpt pvpers into honorable twinks with all the trolls and rushers in-game... hopes high for the xmas event that's coming around the corner too!
  15. Trollee's Avatar
    In case you didnt't know, I'm officially now a "noob for life" . I joined you guys a few weeks ago in SL and PL, shame I didn't get a chance to run with you!
  16. Grankledude's Avatar
    my significant thingy this year was getting from 25 to 50 b4 tygiving
  17. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    i cant wait either!
  18. Reddwing's Avatar
    a report on dinosaurs or environmental issues?
  19. vaffunculo's Avatar
    Sharks are the garbage disposals of the sea, they eat weak, sick, and dying/dead animals..they are probably one of the single most important animals in the sea. Yes they sometimes attack and kill people but.....they belong in the ocean doing what they do..people do not belong in the ocean, we use it for recreation and we know the risks when entering it.
  20. Paar's Avatar
    Movie make Sharks Like Mindless , Man Eating Victims. but In Reality there very important , Someone mentioned overpopulation they Can take care of that , And Its just amazing how they are built , there built to kill! There Senses and Body is Awesome! Dont Dis Sharks Please! Lol
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