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  1. Big sale/change, mage items

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    I want change this item to clean or low awake + yr gold.
    But if u have offer gold - tell here or in game, ign: Vityanskiy
    [All item without jewels]
    1. Skratch staff (not elite) 5,5% INT, 7% Health: selling for 48m, c/o 45m by Mashonkakrisi
    2. Abyssal Death Engine cowl 16% MS: not have c/o. SOLD
    3. Abyssal Death Engine Tunic 4% INT: c/o 38m by Acuitea SOLD
    4. Three Headed Belt of the Arcanist 16% MS: not have c/o. SOLD
    5. Pernicious Haste Circuit