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  1. A Look Back at 2011 and Forward to a Rockin’ 2012!

    The start of a new year is a great time to reflect on what happened the year before and look ahead to the year that is coming. 2011 was an awesome year for Spacetime Studios, characterized by growth and achievement. We know that our success wouldn’t have been possible without you, our fans.

    On behalf of everyone here at Spacetime Studios, I want to express our deep thanks and gratitude to all of the many players across the globe who support us.

    2011 in Review: ...
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  2. Details about the per-game Platinum decision

    When we originally conceived of multiple game titles that share a single account, we also planned to have our in-game currency work across all of our games. We very much wanted this convenience for our players, and had every intention of carrying through on this. These systems are extremely popular and many gamers enjoy them in the PC and console gaming world through companies like Valve, Sony Online Entertainment, NCsoft, and many more. We thought that this was possible in the Mobile world as well. ...

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  3. Pocket Legends: One Month In

    Pocket Legends has been in operation for just over one month, so it is a great time to review where we have been and talk briefly about where we are going.

    First and foremost, we have been thrilled with how the community has come into being. At any given time there are between 75 – 125 people browsing our forums, all contributing to the growing pool of knowledge that exists about the game. Virtual guilds have arisen, rivalries have emerged, and in general a rocking good time can always ...

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  4. How we address change in Pocket Legends

    There are three main ways for us to augment the game:

    1) Server Updates: These are things that we can change server-side. A recent example is when we changed the need for a player to be within a certain range of a mob in order to gain XP to (qucikly) address "leechers". This can happen immediately but requires a server bounce.

    2) Data Updates: We can push new data without modifying the code, which gives us tremendous flexibility. Examples include additional dungeons, mob ...

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