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  1. Baylakk's CONTEST!-Beanmachine's Entry

    If you haven't seen Baylakks Contest, then go check it out in the PL Contests sub-forum. His 2nd contest, which I find interesting and very original is suggest something that would make Pocket Legends better or more fun to play. Devs can definitely hear from our opinions from this contest, however the odds are very low, which is why I posted mine here. I feel like this has a big potential to make PL more fun on Chrome and would really immerse players into believing their simple computer is a gaming ...
  2. It's been a very stressful time...

    Quote Originally Posted by Beanmachine View Post

    Sorry for not making a video recently and I know I should have made one on Valentines but I was really busy irl.
    I am working on my next video which is going to be a review between PL and SL, the Ultimate Showdown!

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  3. People behind the characters!

    Quote Originally Posted by NECROREAPER View Post
    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this one is surely saying:


    one-thousand times
    Yes indeed
  4. Gaming can make the world a better place!

    Ok, so recently I found this very interesting video on YouTube, and posted a thread about it:!
    I would like to summarize it for you if you guys can't watch the 20 minute speech.
    So, online gaming, you usually have to save the world, and this is what this person is trying to do, but in the real world. What would happen if we had an oil shortage? Well, instead of whining people saying that they are "no good ...
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  5. Music Interests


    It's Chris here, and this is going to be my first blog on: Music.

    If you have seen my YouTube Channel, you might have guessed that I'm more of a techno guy, but believe it or not, I love many genres. Rap, pop, rock, country, dub step, techno, house, trance, and even classical! To me, it doesn't matter who or what kind of music it is. If it is something you like, your mood will ultimately fit into the song. That is how you tell whether it is a good song or not. ...