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  1. An apology to the community

    Warning: The following idea is quite long winded, if you have been diagnosed with an attention disorder such as ADD, ADHD, AADD; proceed to the bold sections.

    First off, I apologize up front for not being able to deliver what I set out to do; over the years I have developed numerous guides that have found their way to the Internet, all for various games which I found to be exciting and worth my time in the moment... Somehow I think that moment has passed with STG. This is my realization ...
  2. Goblins retreat

    So the time has come for a comparison between what I expected to happen and the facts.

    Warrior: 67 Tokens, 440 Points
    Rogue: 62 Tokens, 370 Points
    Sorcerer: 55 Tokens, 350 Points

    I did actually achieve gold tier on all three classes, but it was all during the final 24 hours of the event. I ended up running into Payne 4 times, got 6 energy drops, no legendary event drops and one toon didn't complete the wanted questline. Only one of my toons was able ...

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    Arcane Legneds
  3. Through the eyes of a casual player...

    ...goblin event.

    So in the sport of the event I decided to take the wise words of Samhimself and play this daily to the fullest extent possible in a F2P fashion. From event start around 1300 PST I logged on (which means I began about 2 hours into the event), blew my 3 energy and waited every 8 hours for the opportunity to present itself again. Each of the 3 different classes, each a different level, each completing quests when possible and gaining as many tokens, energy drops, points ...

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    Arcane Legneds
  4. Goblin event...

    ...through the eyes of a casual player.

    A few new additions to the event system that were appreciated, first of all was the "Fight the Goblin Threat" tab at the bottom of the world map. Not only did that let me know the event was live (even if I failed to notice that in the patch notes or rotating banner), but it allowed for instant access to the new town.

    A few was slightly exaggerated; however, that concludes the list of positives I have created... We now ...

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    Arcane Legneds