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  1. Ctf = fun?!?!?!1123334Q

    Seems so! I played a few CTF (capture the flag) games earlier, and man, was it fun! New pass time? Maybe... :D

    I would play some more right now, but I took an arrow to the knee. (Oh I so went there ;))
  2. Been one year now!

    Well... a year and one day! February. 10th of last year is when I discovered PL in the android market. At that time I never dreamed of levelling past 18 (didn't have plat:sorrow:), and I was the biggest noob ever! I was a tri-spec mage, didn't know how to trade, etc. Then I finally got plat, bought maps, started levelling, and fell in love with PL!

    So...yeah...Yay! I hope to enjoy PL for more years to come! :banana:

    If necroreaper reads this: Peanajitie. ...
  3. Why do I play PL?

    As the title says, why do I play PL?<br />
    Sure, the content is fun, hitting the cap is fun.<br />
    Getting new gear is great.<br />
    Events are kick-*bleep.<br />
    But those aren't all the things I log in for.<br />
    <br />
    Some may not see it, but the BEST part of STS's games aren't attaining the level cap; oh no, it's the awesome people I've met along the way (you know who you are). If i could choose between having unlimited ...

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  4. 4x user saying they're better 'an me? Tsk tsk

    We all know some combo elixir users can get a little.... egotistical, but telling ME to follow you, a bird on 4x elixirs; nuh uh.

    Hank don't play by 'em rules.

    Here's the low down:

    I made a crypt game with my friend. We were both not potted. A lv 60-ish bird high on elixirs joins, takes a left (not noticing that me and my bud were in one of the sub rooms) and almost immediately dies. He says "No support?"
    I replied "You should always ...
  5. The dissecting begins...

    Today, the inevitable has happened, In bio we've finally started[SPOILER=GASP!!!] dissecting [/SPOILER] :O

    Yes. I know you're shocked. Me and my lab partner have begun our journey to the center of a perch. :p Unfortunately, we didn't get a scalpel in the dissecting kit, so we had to use scissors. >.< But we managed to cut his belly open and even though this perch has been stored forever, surprisingly; he does have organs. O.o For those with weak stomachs, I would ...
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