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Whirling with Whirlz

It is the time of Whirlz.
You, reader, are being handed down the torch of knowledge.
You, reader, will experience a legacy like none other.

A prestigious tale, a miraculous epic, the scribing of a legend.
Whirl with Whirlz.

This is the way it was meant to be.

  1. Turkey Day, and what the Gobble pet can teach us

    Happy Thanksgiving, Pocket Legends forums!
    I suppose you've had quite a nice feast and break from everyday life.
    For those students in school and college, here's to your restoration of many, many sleep-deprived hours!
    So about this blog post: I didn't actually want to make one, but I wanted to at least drop by and say hello - so this one will be very, very short. In fact, I had nothing I actually wanted to write about before I started typing this up, so this is all impromptu. ...
  2. Ancient Caverns- Redemption or Aggravation?

    Source: Ancient Caves- Pinks/Elites with Stats and Pictures

    Tues., August 5, 2014

    A satirical analysis and critique of STG's latest move for PL:

    About a week or so from today, the whole Pocket Legends community (or rather, just the devoted endgame community) received news of a so-called Blast from the Past from one of Spacetime "Games'" newer moderators, Remiem. Immediately, a regularly ghost-town Pocket Legends forums transformed into ...

    Updated 08-05-2014 at 10:09 PM by Whirlzap

  3. These daily blessings...

    So, how is everyone today?
    Finally Friday....
    It's pretty late now and I want to have a good night's sleep, so I'll keep this short.

    Apparently I did some volunteer community service today.
    In the region where I reside, the weather was pretty brutal...harsh elements of nature.
    Down-pouring rain...some flash flood warnings, heard some lightning and thunder.
    I went around planting trees and gardening for the local park, and managed to get three ...
  4. Blacksmoke Mountain and a fan-fiction tale.

    So while farming in Blacksmoke Mountain, I looked at the scenery, and thought, "This HAD to have played some important part in the tale of the Elf Queen's Kingdom."

    Thus, a tale started to form in my mind, starting with the story of a delightful little town, a catastrophe, chaotic corruption, and the sad epitome of an ancient land.

    Lester- the elf
    Josef- the bear
    Leviath- the evil sorceror ...
  5. And so, it begins...Introducing iPhone 5!

    Hello all!
    Whirlz here!

    Today I'm gonna be reflecting on the JUST ANNOUNCED iPHONE 5!
    This new device will be sure to bring Apple a lot of popularity and increased amount of sales!
    It looks like the device has more than just a sleek, slimmer and newly improved look.
    Name:  xl_iphone5_9_624.jpg
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    As you can see, the iPhone 5 finally ventures away from the classical 3.5 inch screen featured in all its previous models such as iPhone 3G, etc and evolves ...
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