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  1. Alfred33's Avatar
    so trueee
  2. Alfred33's Avatar
  3. Alfred33's Avatar
    heh niceeeee
  4. Alfred33's Avatar
    2015 has come
  5. Alfred33's Avatar
    I believe you
  6. Alfred33's Avatar
    that is true
  7. Alfred33's Avatar
    good info
  8. asifaiab's Avatar
    whoa i almost fell down from my chair
  9. OverkillED's Avatar
    Oh my god that website scared the hell out of me.
  10. razurblade's Avatar
    I was in hospital and my 5th blessing expired... geez thanks sts
  11. mooncloth's Avatar
    Thats harsh. and i havent gotten any platinum or vanity items for my 5th day. Only more gold
  12. supazap's Avatar
    Man that sounds harsh how did u handle it
  13. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    Great post! I tried to make one similar but I didn't go into as much detail as you
  14. Sassinya's Avatar
    Nice! That was entertainment!
  15. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    what a strange website
  16. Marieke's Avatar
    Random idea said i need to build pyramid of stone i did on Mcxbox XD
  17. Mage till the end's Avatar
    Um Pallys are rather dex str or str int. I don't know of one person in pl ATM that is pure ste
  18. Unxtoxic's Avatar
    My favorite event has to be the Usain Bolt part because I have to say he is really really fast. It was so fast I didn't know what was going on it was just like lightning and before I knew it the race was over. I really love how those men are so dedicated to training there whole life for that race. It was truly memoriable.
  19. Worship's Avatar
    I did all these^ pretty awesome!
    Thanks Whirlz
  20. Worship's Avatar
    I have to say horseback riding.. haha jk. probably every running event that's at least 1500m long.. or the bmx racing, that was fun to watch too
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