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  1. Super Necro!

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    Dude waited almost 43 years for an answer.

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    I couldn't imagine how the person felt waiting 43 years...

    At least nothing bad or crazy just happened over at the thread
  2. Legendary Boss Battles: Red Beard McGrieg VS Count Vlad

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    Guys you are frogetting that Redbeard has the upper hand: he has an indestructable shield, a rocket launcher, he can just kite vlad, he has a lucky dog, a spaceship, turrets, explosives, and toxic waste at his disposal. Here's a fight scenario:
    *Vlad walks about after wiping out a noob party*
    Vlad: Haha! No one can stop me.... Unless it's another potted farmer group!
    *suddenly a huge rumbling sounds and the castle shakes! Boom! The castle cieling blows spilling debris over vlad

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