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  1. ***Healthy Legends - Diets***

    Hello all!!

    I am finally settled in after a month of lakes and beaches. Lot's of fun and good times but it is good to be home! I hope all have had a good summer and have stayed safe and hydrated.

    The second installment of Healthy Legends will discuss the true meaning of the word "diet". My intentions are for each of you to understand what a diet is and how you can make small changes to yours to be a more educated, healthier consumer of food.
  2. **Healthy Legends - Water**

    It makes up more than 90% of the earth. It is the main environment for many animals. We use it to generate electricity, as transportation, and to sustain life. It is water.

    I had to ponder my first topic for a few days. With rising temperatures of the summer and all the outdoor activites we do during this time of year, I felt we needed to dive into (literally and figuratively) this topic. It may not be as exciting as sone of the other topics we will discuss, but I feel it is ...